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Using Pineapples for the Relief of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Discomforts

The natural foods that we consume daily can be a prerequisite for healing from minor ailments or speed up recovery from disease.

If we eat food in the right proportions and also the right ones, the vitamins and minerals therein can strengthen our bodies. This good habit can also aid in improving digestion. Improved digestion in itself is a factor that aids healing in our bodies. when there is effective digestion of food, vitamins and minerals are well absorbed, and they aid in repairing other body systems. This is a basic reality especially for IBS sufferers.

One food that can remedy symptoms for IBS sufferers is pineapple. It aids in digestion. Take a fresh pineapple and eat it while fresh. Ensure however that you only eat ripe pineapples. There is a harmful chemical contained in unripe pineapples that can cause sudden and serious purging. If you cant have fresh pineapple in your area, you can also use the canned variety. The pineapple must be cut thoroughly. The crown, rind, core and the eyes should be peeled removed.

The eyes can be easily removed if you cut the pineapple crosswise. The flesh is the only part that you consume. Its also very refreshing to eat a chilled, fresh pineapple.

Do not overeat pineapples because they can cause fiber balls to form in your intestinal tract. Pineapple is a healer if taken in the right proportions.
The acidic nature of fresh pineapple can cause irritation in tip of your tongue. You can, however, rub a little amount of salt on the pineapple before eating it to reduce this effect. Alternatively, you can soak the flesh in saline water for a few minutes before eating. Canned pineapples don’t sting since they are already soaked in syrup.

Pineapple contains cleansing and diuretic effects. It helps detoxify the body. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain and also high amounts of vitamin C. Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that can bring relief to patients suffering from gout pain, arthritis and also sore throat. It also helps in faster healing of wounds after surgery or injury. There is a belief also that pineapple has micro-nutrients which protect one from cancer, can also break clots thus protecting the brain from stroke and the heart. Pineapple is a reputable food for killing worms.

Your digestion will significantly improve if you eat a piece of pineapple after every meal. With an improved digestion, it means that burping, bloating and stomach discomforts are reduced significantly. Consider eating a slice or two of pineapple if you are an IBS sufferer.

Another way is to blend the pineapple into juice. Milk or yoghurt can be added into the juice if well tolerated. Add a little water or ice instead of sugar.
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